There is value and discipline in duty, but it is only in those rare and happy moments where desire blends with duty, is there the genesis of the highest standards of professionalism. This attitude is what forms the intellectual core of The Department of English.English has always been a premier department in any College and here at Asghar Mallit is no different. Even in those very early days, in 1948, when both country and College were in their pram-wheel stage, the scholars of The Department of English so raised themselves beyond their peers that their names became an integral part of the Asghar Mall folklore and they still retain the scholarly renown. Prof. Rafique Mahmood, Prof. Muhammed Saleem, and the doyen of those golden oldies Prof. Siddique Kaleem contributed selflessly to the well being of the Department.
In the early 1950’s BA classes were started and a little later BA (Hons) courses offered. With this qualitative extension, came the numerical strengthening of the Department. Prof. Saeed-ul-Hasan, Prof. Sajjad Haider Malik, Prof. Abdur Raoof Jamal, Prof. M.H. Qureshi, Prof. Arif Tanvir and some others joined the department and merrily they stepped into the 1960’s. Dear readers, to many of us these are mere names, but those who partnered them as colleagues or learnt from them as mentees speak of them with the utmost deference and we, the mere mortals must not begrudge them this status. The 1960’s arrived with the announcement that MA English classes were in the offing. For 56 years the postgraduate classes were held with unparalleled success. They did start in 1964 and do continue as we speak. The students of this Department went to take their places at various important posts and served their country with integrity and success. However, this year, we shall be inducting our last MAEnglish class since the BS Four Year Degree Programme is taking over.
So enter BS. It is a comprehensive programme, designed in a way that trains the students, very gradually and with unlabored naturalness, to develop a sound understanding of what literature is all about. It is a course that serves as a rendezvous for all writers of all ages. Here antiquity meets posterity; the romantics rub shoulders with the classicists and the ancients with the moderns. It is a fantastic journey of imagination in real life undertaken with teachers who have the proficiency and the will to steer the students through the intriguing yet beautiful seas of the finest of all arts; Literature.


  1. Please note that for admissions to BS English, marks obtained by the students in English, in their HSSC exams, will be the yardstick for establishing the final merit.


Teaching Faculty


Irfan Yawer
Associate Professor
Head of the Department
M. A English


Rashid Massod
Assistant Professor
M. A English


Jamil Ahmad Sharif
Assistant Professor
M. A English


Hafiz Muhammed Tahir
Assistant Professor
M. A English


Muhammad Amir Asim
Assistant Professor
M.Phil English


Saqib Aftab
M.Phil Linguistics
Department Of English


Ch.Ghulam Murtaza
Assistant Professor
Department OF English


Muhammad Ijaz
M.Phil English Literature


Muhammad Tayyab Sabri
Lecturer in