BS Economics will change your outlook towards the world. It will increase your understanding of fundamental human behaviour and improve your problem solving and decision-making abilities. The study of Economics correlates various subjects so subtly that it, automatically, leads to more career opportunities than any other subject. Careers ranging from banking and business administration to E-commerce and office management and from journalism and accounts management to teaching and policy making are embraced by this great discipline that we call Economics. Among the educational institutions offering BS Economics the Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi holds a prominent position due to many reasons. It was the first muffasil college to start MA economics in 1964 and its first head of Deptt was a renowned lady named Dr Akhtari Shareef. Over a passage of time many of its students secured top positions in university exams and many more held top positions in various fields of life. The Department has always upgraded itself in all regards like establishing a modern library and a computer lab with all the required paraphernalia. Seminar and symposia are held at regular basis.The current staff is highly qualified with Ph.D and M.Phil degrees. Here we teach economics in a way that is simple and charming at the same time. The traditions were set by people like Prof. Khwaja Naseem, Prof. Iqbal Bakht, Prof. Aslam Khokhar, Prof. Sajid Siddiqui, Prof. Altaf Hussain, Prof. Iftekhar Ahmed Sheikh, Prof Tahir Mahmood, Prof. Ghazzanfar Mahmood Bhatti and many others.Students of economics can thereby participate in the exciting venture of transforming the economics paradigm and helping to build a better future for the human community. BS Economics is a four years programme consisting of eight semesters. During this period a variety of courses will be taught ranging from Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, and leading to International Trade, Development Economics combined with Philosophy, Politics and English.Affiliated with The University of The Punjab and offering a standard of education as high as that of any other institution, we welcome you to BS Economics in Govt Postgraduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi.

Teaching Faculty


Rana Touseef Nisar
Mphil Economics
Assistant Professor Of Economics


Masood Anwar tariq
Msc Economics
lecturer In Economics


Shafa Ur Rehman
Mphil Economics
Lecturer In Economics

eco 1

Nayyar Abbas
Mphil Economics
Assistant Professor Of Economics


Tahmina yasmin
Assistant Professor OF Enonomics
Mphil Economics