Education plays an important role in a man’s life. It makes us cognizant of our rights and equally aware of the rights of others. If one is educated, one should play an active role in society. Students are a cardinal segment of a society. Acquired education makes a student capable of inculcating the positive impacts of society. Astudent should use his knowledge as an introspective tool to search his inner self in order to unwind the complexities of life.
We are privileged to live in an era of unparalleled technological and economic growth. Acquisition of this knowledge is both necessitated and facilitated by accelerated rate of advancement in life. The impact of these changes has made educators aware of the need to upgrade courses and curricula.
Man’s interest in chemistry is essentially a practical one as life is practical version of chemistry. The knowledge of chemistry provides a path to understanding the processes that are involved in life. You are observing the manifestations of chemistry no matter where you are; standing in a kitchen, in the office, in a factory or underneath an ocean. The field of chemistry has now become so broad that it has absorbed all sciences. It is a rigorous and a demanding subject. It appears difficult to the casual reader, but easy to one who studies it systematically.
Our objective is to provide the students with a comprehensive treatment of the subject on modern lines. Since the the Chemistry Department began functioning in Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi, professors have worked their hearts out to establish the highest standards of professionalism and the present lot is working tirelessly to follow their footsteps.

Such great professors as S.M. Bashir, Abdul Rashid Bhatti, Dr Safdar, Dr. Ejaz, Syed Maseeha Ahmed, Riaz Tajik, Innayat ullah Malik, M. Aleem-ud-Din, Dr M. Ashraf, Najeeb Ahmed Arshad Mehmood, Zia-Ullah Niazi, Muhammed Munir,  Ishtiaque Mirza, Zafar Iqbal, Hafiz Abdur Reahman, G.M Malik, Fazal Hussain Ranjha, Malik Riaz, Khalid Najam, Aziz-ul- Hassan, Dr. Muhammed Zareef, Abdus-Saghir Alam, and Hadayat-Ullah Satti, all were once the heart and soul of this Chemistry Department

Teaching faculty


Sarfaraz Ahmad Bashir
Associate Professor
Head of the Department


Zahid Baloch
Assistant Professor


Ayyaz Afzal
Assistant Professor