Introduction To Bs Programmes

Standing silently and nonchalantly, bathed in the richness of its own glorious traditions, Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi will add yet another feather to its illustrious cap as we proudly launch the BS 4 Year Programme. Dear students, as society moves from one generation to the other, the one factor that unifies the past with the present is its
education. It is the one thing that survives when all else is forgotten. People come and go, the glories of men and matter emerge, radiate, mellow and eventually extinguish. Troy fell, Thebes ruined, and the prides of Athens and Rome crumbled to dust. All is vanity but ‘knowledge’, all sinks to oblivion but ‘learning’ and the name Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi connotes all that stands for learning and enlightenment. This is what the founding fathers had in mind, when on that fateful day in 1948, a new College was opened in this, the northern region of Pakistan. Initially ours was an Intermediate College with limited prospects both for the mentors and their mentees. In the early 1950’s graduation classes were started and shortly afterwards B.A honors courses were offered to the students. The fame of this Institution spread rapidly and professors and lecturers who were either already established or were to become scholars in the very near future formed the core of the teaching faculty here. As more and more students sought admission, the need to raise the bar was felt and so in 1964-65 post graduation classes were introduced. The response of the students was prompt and so were the results. The College was now contributing at every academic tier and the youth of that time arrived, completed their education and then went on to achieve greatness in their chosen disciplines. Since then, we have not looked back. We have whisked through the decades, continuously improving ourselves. The present step is an effect of that very process of self-amelioration. The traditional education is now on its last legs. It had lost its academic resilience and energy. The world is moving much faster than ever before. Had we, obstinately, stuck to the old system, our product would have been boys and girls misfit in their own country, in the world and indeed in their own eyes. So enter BS. As an international system of education, it is already running successfully in the country and here is Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi taking it up. We start this project by offering BS classes in four Disciplines: Geography, Mathematics, Physics and Urdu. The challenges are indeed great in this regard but with a teaching faculty that is not only very well-qualified but also possesses the requisite alacrity to take the College to the heights where even the sky ceases to be the limit and we shall succeed. Inshallah.

The BS 4 Year Programme

The Programme Hierarchy


Programme Coordinator:

Mr. Sajid Mahmood Farooqi                          (Associate Professor Geography)


Deputy Coordinator:

Abdul Quddus                                                (Assistant Professor Urdu)


Departmental Coordinators:

Muhammed Asim Sultan.                               (Lecturer Botany)

Nadeem Asghar.                                             (Assistant Professor Chemistry)

Ms. Tahmina Yasmin.                                     (Assistant Professor Economics)

Ijaz Minhas.                                                    (Lecturer English)

Mr. Nadeem Fayyaz                                        (Assistant Professor Geography)

Dr. Abdur Raheem                                          (Lecturer Mathematics)

Saeed Ahmed Chishti                                      (Assistant Professor Physics)

Gulzar Ahmed.                                               (Assistant Professor Statistics)

Dr. Bashir Ahmed                                           (Assistant Professor Urdu)


Student Counseling Committee for BS:

Dr. Atif Bokhari                                              (Assistant Professor Geography)

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali                                               (Assistant Professor Urdu)

Uzma Tariq                                                     (Lecturer Urdu)

Dr. Abdur Raheem                                          (Lecturer Mathematics)

Anila Farid                                                      (Lecturer Physics)

Muhammed Idrees                                          (Lecturer Physics)










The Programme



Eligibility Criteria for Admission

  1. Candidates bearing an FA/F.Sc Certificate or equivalent qualification in at least second division may


  1. The age limit for admission to the BS programme is 24


  1. 3rd Division holders are not eligible and hence should not


  1. 2 marks will be deducted from percent academic marks for each late session dating to 05 previous sessions for both male and female


  1. Clearing of the pre-admission entry test is This will ensure transparency in admission.


  1. Previous academic performance will carry 70% weight whereas the remaining 30% marks are afforded to the entry


Entry Test


The entry tests of all disciplines will be held strictly in accordance with the pattern recommended by The Punjab University and the merit shall be set accordingly.