Vice principal's Messages

Vice principal's Messages

As time, the immortal phenomenon, moves on at its own relentless pace, we the mere mortals must allow ourselves to be ruled by its dictates. It is in acknowledgement of this crucial element of life that we bid au revoir to the termite-stricken, archaic educational model of yore and took up the new challenge, thus launching the BS Four Year Degree Programme.

The BS FYDP is a brilliantly designed venture. It has been designed by experts with the express intention of not only raising the level of College education but aligning it with international standards as well.

As concerns Government Postgraduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi, I say, “We are Ready.” With all the strength of concomitant culture that we possess, we are ready to take up the challenges that this new programme affords. Our staff, these wonderfully learned and enlightened ladies and gentlemen, are ready with bodies and minds to not only meet this new challenge head on, but succeed as well. Inshallah we shall.

Professor Muhammad Farooq Malik

The launch of the BS Four Year Degree Programme is a great step in the history of Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall. Rawalpindi. We had realized that traditional education was losing its value and was becoming sterile as far as its productivity is concerned. So the decision to start the BS programme is a daring one. Fortunately, we have all the structural facilities that are required to make this programme a success. Our libraries are very well equipped and are regularly updated; same is the case with the laboratories of the various Departments. Above all, we have a wonderful assortment of experienced and young teachers who share one thing amongst them and that is their passion to teach. So, I feel that the students who are vying for admissions to BS courses must come to Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi where we value your lives and future.

Professor Moin-Ud-Din Qureshi


Standing silently and nonchalantly, bathed in the richness Of its Own glorious traditions, Govt. postgraduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi added yet another feather to its illustrious cap as we proudly launched the BS 4 Year Degree Programme. Readers, as society moves from one generation to the other, the one factor that unifies the past with the present is its education. It is the one thing that survives when all else is forgotten. people come and go, the glories Of men and matter emerge, radiate, mellow and eventually extinguish. Troy fell, Thebes ruined, and the prides of Athens and Rome crumbled to dust. All is vanity but ‘knowledge’, all sinks to oblivion but ‘learning’ and the name Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi connotes all that stands for learning and enlightenment. This is what the founding fathers had in mind, when on that fateful day in 1948, a new College was opened in this, the northern region of Pakistan. Initially ours was an Intermediate College with limited prospects both for the mentors and their mentees. In the early 1950’s graduation classes were started and shortly afterwards B.A honors courses offered to the students. The fame of this Institution spread rapidly and professors and lecturers who were either already established or were to become scholars in the very near future formed the core of the teaching faculty here. As more and more students sought admission, the need to raise the bar was felt and so in 1964-65 post  graduation classes were introduced. The response of the students was prompt and so were the results. More importantly it meant that the College was now contributing at every academic tier as the youth of that time arrived, completed their education and then went on to achieve greatness in their chosen disciplines. Ah yes! The students of course. For them our noblest fires of reading and writing burn, those that we feed with aye pyc  with every power of concurrent culture we possess. To Michael Angelo his Sistine Chapel, to Leonardo his Monalisa to Beethoven his symphonies to Buleh Shah and Ghalib their Ka’fis and ghazals, to the prophet his followers and to us professors our students. Our students have done us proud, be they in the walled confines Of their classes, the wide open spaces Of auditoriums for debates and speeches or the open arenas of games and sports. Dear readers, we have not 10 ked back. We have whisked through the decades, continuously improving ourselves. The B*Year Degree Programme is an effect Of that very process of self-amelioration and also the desire to bring our education in consonance with the international education standards. The traditional education is now on its last legs. It had lost its academic resilience and energy. The world is moving much faster than ever before. Had we, obstinately, stuck to the old system, our product would have been boys and girls misfit in their own country, in the world and indeed in their own eyes.


Vision & Mission

All institutions must, not only, coexist with religion and other traditional elements of a culture, they, actually, must work in conjunction with them. This is all the more important for educational institutions. At Govt. Postgraduate College Asghar Mall we ensure this. Hence our students not only get education and knowledge of all that is happening on the planet, but while doing so their feet are well-immersed in their native culture. We also inculcate in them a certain respect of all cultures and the need to avoid the commodification of culture. With this approach we quest to beget decent human beings who learn to exist in harmony. Ours vision is to present to our country and the world with a finished product that is tolerant and understands that while orthodoxy might be his doxy, heterodoxy might b and together they should and must exist. If we can succeed in our endeavors, we believe that it is a job well done. This is our vision and indeed our mission.